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The Composites Consortium (TCC)

The Composites Consortium (TCC) is an integrated team of more than 30 separate entities, including (traditional and non-traditional) defense contractors, weapons systems prime contractors, composites industry suppliers, small businesses and academic institutions. The consortium is built on a strong foundation of technical excellence, teamwork, data sharing, and effective program management.

The vision of The Composites Consortium is to create a cooperative environment of industry, academia and federally funded facilities and laboratories that nurtures development and continuous improvement of composite manufacturing processes and technology transfer. TCC harnesses members’ broad array of technical and operational capabilities to conceptualize and develop innovative composites-based solutions for improving the performance and reducing the cost of DoD weapons systems.

The Composites Consortium (TCC), formed in 2000, principally supports the ONR Composites Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC), and has served as a performer for other federal agencies including:

TCC Membership is open to organizations that are serious users of composites technology as well as organizations focused on composites research. TCC consists of organizations possessing industrial and research capabilities important to the Government.

The Composites Consortium:

For additional information about joining The Composites Consortium please contact:

James K. Sutter, Ph.D.
Chairman, The Composites Consortium (TCC)
Cell: 216-630-4893

Lillian Rumsey
Coordinator, The Composites Consortium (TCC)
Ph: 864-646-4503 | Cell: 864-710-1791